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SUBJECT   중국항공747 엔진블레이드의 실체
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중국항공 (Air China) 747기가 독일 프랑크프루트에 연료 공급차 내렸을때 찍힌 엔진사진.  비행기의 엔진이 이 정도로 손상되었으면 날지 않는게 정상이지만, 중국에서는 아무문제도 아닌가보네요. 하얀색 줄은 엔진 팬이 돌지 말라고 안전밸트로 묶어놓은것.  

자세한 건 영문으로... 해석하기가 귀찮아서...

A pilot for a Chinese carrier requested permission and landed at FRA(Frankfurt,Germany) for an unscheduled refueling stop.  The reason became soon apparent to the ground crew: The Number 3 engine had been shut down because of excessive vibration, and because it didn't look so good.  It had apparently been no problem for the tough guys back inChina: they took some sturdy straps and wrapped them around several of the fan blades and the structures behind, thus stopping any unwanted wind-milling (engine spinning by itself due to airflow passing thru the blades during flight) and associated uncomfortable vibration caused by the suboptimal fan.
Note that the straps are seatbelts....how resourceful!
After making the "repairs", off they went into the wild blue yonder with another revenue-making flight on only three engines!  With the increased fuel consumption, they got a bit low on fuel, and just set it down at the closest airport for a quick refill.  That's when the problems started:  The Germans, who are kind of picky about this stuff, inspected the malfunctioning engine and immediately grounded the aircraft. (Besides the seatbelts, notice the appalling condition of the fan blades.) The airline operator had to send a chunk of money to get the first engine replaced (took about 10 days)  The repair contractor decided to do some impromptu inspection work on the other engines, none of which looked all  that great either.

The result: a total of 3 engines were eventually changed on this plane before it was permitted to fly again.

(출처 : 러브버드)

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