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NAME   David Ahn
SUBJECT   B17 폭격기(1)
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Did You Know?

The B-17 "Flying Fortress" was used during World War II.

· Between 1935 and May 1945, 12,731 B-17s were produced. Of these aircraft, 4,735 were lost during combat missions. Today, fewer than 100 B-17 airframes exist and only 15 of Boeing's famous bombers can be flown.

· Following World War II, most B-17s were cut up for scrap, used in Air Force research or sold on the surplus market.

SOURCE: Experimental Aircraft Association Web site,

Boeing B-17 'Flying Fortress'

WINGSPAN: 103 feet, 9 inches.

LENGTH: 74 feet, 9 inches.

HEIGHT: 19 feet, 1 inch.

GROSS WEIGHT: 54,000 pounds.

TOP SPEED: 300 mph at 30,000 feet.


RANGE: 1,850 miles, up to eight hours.

SERVICE CEILING: 35,600 feet.

POWER: four 1,200 horse power Wright R-1820-97 radial piston engines.

ARMAMENT: 13 .50-caliber machine guns.

BOMB LOAD: 2,600 to 8,000 pounds long range; up to 17,600 pounds short range.

CREW: Ten (pilot, co-pilot, navigator, bombardier, flight engineer-top turret gunner, radio operator, two waist gunners, tail gunner and ball turret gunner.)

SOURCE: Experimental Aircraft Association

CEO  [2003/11/14]     이건 어디서 찍으신? 데이토나 공항인가요?  
David Ahn  [2003/11/15]     아니요 뉴서마나 비치 공항이죠. B17 튜어가 왔다고 해서 갔었는데 $ 390내면 비행도 할 수 있었죠. 10명 크루를 채워서. 에구, 돈이 웬수라서...  
신범식  [2003/11/29]     옛날 폭격기라 그런지 작아보이네~  
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