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이 사진은 미국 뉴욕에있는 La Guardia 공항에서 있었던 일입니다.  정비사가 A320를 게이트로 몰고오다가 브레이크가 작동안했는지 아니면 브레이크를 못 밟았는지, 하여튼 비행기에 손상이 많이갔네요.  옆에있던 B757도 덤으로 피해를...

La Guardia
2 mechanics taxiing the A320 from remote parking into the gate next
to us at LGA. He was held out on the taxiway for a bit. When finally
cleared he pulled a bit of power being irritated. Coming into the
gate he now finds he has no brakes. Left engine was put into
reverse, but it was too late. He hit the towbar, then the tractor.
Hit the tractor so hard the nose gear collapsed. This after he
already wiped out the jetway. The left side by the cockpit has been
ripped open by the jetway. The jetway is now laying on top of the
left wing and left engine. The left wingtip is also wiped out. After
losing control he also put the left wingtip into the side of a 757
sitting at the next gate, ripping a hole in the right side.
Remarkably no on e was hurt, though a couple were badly shaken. Made
quite a noise as the nose came down. Sort of shook the ground, you
might say...

CEO  [2003/02/14]     저거 Damage가 상당하군요. 어케 저랬는지 원...  
신범식  [2003/02/15]     얘기 들어보니까 320이 하이드롤릭 문제가 있어서 브레이크가 않됐다고 하던데... 아니면 메케닉 실수인지...ㅡ.ㅡ'  
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